Courses available

Classroom courses

We provide different classroom courses with diverse organizations, also at the moment we offer degree in forensic science trough Maimonides University which incorporates a module in the accident investigation. Ask for courses for small groups at the headquarters of the University or in our office locations.

Distance learning courses

Our distance learning program is the answer to get a proper training on safety issues, prevention and road accidentology, providing at your company with more efficient and cost effective system. Through online courses at a virtual platform, available 24 hours, 365 days per year, or by premium quality printed material sent to your home or office.

In Company courses

We ajust the program to the reality and experience of your company. This innovating concept allows us enhance the aptitude and attitude of students through the development of interest near your organization issues, which eliminates uncertainty and errors of interpretation, because they reflect characters, places and real situations of your business in a clear, coherent, credible and understandable way. In addition to customizing the content exclusively, we offer training, supporting reading material, and examination systems to verify comprehension.